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Hometown News Release

How do I submit a Hometown News Release?

To submit a Hometown News Release click on this link

Post/Base: Mansfield Lahm Airport
Unit: 179th Airlift Wing

Fill out the form. Attach a photo, a biography and/or an award citation. Click the go button.

The form will go to the 179th AW Public Affairs office and they will submit your request to the Hometown News Release program.

If you have any issues or questions with the form please call 419-520-6420 or use the "contact us" link in the bottom navigation bar at the bottom of the page and choose Public Affairs as the recipient of your email.


What if I don't have a biography?

You don't have to have a professional military biography to submit a hometown news release. The Public Affairs office wants to be able to include special details in your release that lets your community know about your career and all of your accomplishments. If you can include any specific details in a document, that would suffice. If you don't include any additional information, your release will be a generic announcement of your accomplishment, keeping your community updated.


What if I don't have a photo to submit?

If you don't have a photo to submit, you can have one taken by the 179th AW Public Affairs office. Call 419-520-6420 to book a photo. 

You can still submit your hometown news release without a photo.

Why would I submit a Hometown News Release

Hometown News Releases celebrates your accomplishments. The Hometown News Service was designed to showcase the worldwide accomplishments and activities of Airmen and present a positive image of Air Force people through print and electronic news releases. 

Promoting the good things that Air Force members do is good for your base and for your community.

There are numerous occasions that merit a hometown news release. Here is a list of just a few. 

» Graduation from basic training, officer training 
   school or technical schools
» Promotion to E-3 and higher 
» Selected for promotion to E-9 and O-6 and above 
» Permanent change of station 
» Awards and decorations 
» Re-enlistments 
» Retirements 
» Olympic or Pan-American game selection 
» Receipt of college degree 
» Suggestion awards of $50 or more 
» Participation in a national news event 
Please contact the 179th Public Affairs office with any questions or concerns you may have about submitting your hometown news release.