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Submit a Noise Complaint

How do I submit a noise complaint?

To submit a noise complaint:

Call: 419-520-6420
Email: Use "Contact Us" at the bottom of the webpage, select Noise Complaint

Please include the following information:

Time of incident:
Repeat Complaint: Yes or No

First Name:
Last Name:
Phone number:
Email address:
City:                                            Zip:

Type of Complaint: (example: sonic boom, low-flying, ordnance noise, other)
Where did this occur: (example: over my house, 1-5 miles from my house, other)

If you have an exact location that we can map, please provide a GPS latitude and longitude coordinates

Describe aircraft (example: jet, propeller, twin tail, number of engines, color)
Any additional information:

Do you require a response?