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  • Fire and Emergency Services: Providing aid in emergencies both near and far

    They're often the first responders: The 179th Airlift Wing Fire and Emergency Services is constantly in a "ready posture" to provide relief in any emergency situation.As Firefighter Stephen Swank put it, "We're always in a ready posture if something were to happen, which could be a fuel spill, a crash, a fire..."Fortunately for them, the 179th has
  • Security Forces keeps base safe, secure

    When visiting the 179th Airlift Wing, they're often the first and last people you see. They're the ones who are tasked with the duty of protecting the personnel, aircraft, and property. In civilian terms you'd recognize them as "cops," but in military terms, they're known as Security Forces.Staff Sgt. Nick Alexander doesn't mind being called a cop;
  • 179th loadmasters: Genuine load "masters"

    "Weight and balance" is how Tech Sgt. Bryan Thompson of Mount Vernon, Ohio described his job as a loadmaster. On a frigid February morning, I was speaking with six of the 17 certified loadmasters with the 164th Airlift Squadron as they prepared for a training flight.The 164th is part of the 179th Operations Group at the Ohio Air National Guard's,
  • 179th's Maintenance Group knows the nuts and bolts

    Staff Sgt. Justin Mittelstadt doesn't mind getting his hands a little greasy. In his eyes, that's just part of the assignment."I go through a lot of uniforms," he noted.Mittelstadt is among many individuals at the 179th Airlift Wing tasked with the duty of carrying out an isochronal inspection (ISO) of the C-130H (Hercules) aircraft. An ISO is a
  • Embedded at the 179th

    The sound is unmistakable, but you feel it first. Then you hear it - a low plodding rumble. Then you see them--two broad bellied behemoths approaching, a sight familiar to generations in the Richland County and surrounding areas.For some of us the shapes of those planes have changed over the years. The unit was organized at Mansfield on June 20,
  • Col. Michael Howard retires from military after 35 years of service

    After 35 years of service, Col. Michael Howard, vice wing commander at the 179th Airlift Wing, is retiring from the military, effective April 30.A native of Youngstown, Howard enlisted in the Air Force Reserve, 76th Mobile Aerial Port Squadron, located at Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base in Columbus, in September of 1979. He served as an air
  • Security Forces Shocking Welcome

    Staff Sgt. Jason Willoughby and Senior Amn. Kory Caldwell brace student flight members for safety while Staff Sgt. Nicholas Alexander administers the taser. The 179th Airlift Wing Security Forces Squadron are training on less than lethal take down methods in Mansfield, OH, Feb. 08, 2015. The 179th Airlift Wing Security Forces squadron utilize
  • 179th Recruiters Best in the Nation

    Ohio brought home 4 of the 9 Fiscal Year 2014 Region IV Recruiting and Retention Awards!Master Sgt. Mike Schaefer brought home the title for Recruiting Office Supervisor and will now be competing at the national level.Region IV FY 14 Award winners.UCA:  Michigan - MSgt Brian P. WrozekRookie Recruiter:  Indiana - TSgt Ashley M. HarmonRecruiter: 
  • 179th Welcomes Young Leadership Institute

    The 179th Airlift Wing Leadership Council welcomes a Richland County Young Leadership Institute nominee to the wing, OH, Jan. 11, 2015. Sam Richards, sophomore from Crestview High School, sits in on a Wing Leadership meeting and tours different wing sections related to his career interest.The Richland County Young Leadership Institute program
  • Richland County EMA EXERCISE with Ohio Air Guard

    Richland County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) organized an exercise at the Mansfield Lahm Airport in Mansfield, Ohio, April 29, 2015. The agency asked the Ohio Air National Guard (ANG) to play the role of victim in which the 179th Airlift Wing (AW) has a chemical spill and requires outside assistance. The 179th AW agreed to participate with the